A Season of Grief, Letter to the Church Part 1

March 3, 2009


Beloved Pastor Steve and Rebecca Fraggle:

Greetings and sincere love from those of the flock that the Lord has so richly blessed you both to be shepherds; a People called Faith. My name is Miguel Angel Bustamante. My wife is named Glinda Gail Bustamante. We have been in attendance at Faith community church (South campus) since April of 2004; we became members of Faith Community in that same year. We have personally met you both on many blessed occasions, please allow me to name just a few: In May of 2004 you baptized my wife and I with water at the South campus in a sacred baptismal service. Upon the arrival of our firstborn child, Ari-el, we presented our newborn to the Lord while you both laid hands on her in blessing for the dedication of her life to Him. Within a period of one year we were once again graced by your presence at the first annual Faith Bible Institute graduation ceremony, in which my wife Glinda was presented with the diploma that she had earned through the ministry of the gifted Dr. Jeffrey Seif. Glinda was 19 that year, and a classmate to your lovely daughter. Not long afterwards in the year of our Lord 2006, we were honored to also present our newborn son Jeremiah; and you both blessed him for dedication to the Lord as well. Time would surely fail us to list the many wonderful instances in which we have (face to face) encountered you two; which needless to say we have been obliged and truly honored on each and every occurrence. This relatively short history has been provided to you from our own well of treasured memories that we have in you both, as we have recorded here. Mind you, this was only recalled to draw forth our relationship to the forefront of your memories as you read on in what we have been called to share with you both today.

We cannot express in words what the Lord has done in our lives and in our family since beginning in Faith community just a few short years ago. But I will submit that He has assuredly proven Himself Faithful, True, Holy, and the Friend that sticks closer than a brother. Your powerfully anointed messages of spiritual truth, holy inspiration, and political soundness have been a guiding light to us ever so personally; and Glory to God, to this most dark world that we all are a part of. We honor Steve and Rebecca Fraggle in our hearts most definitely, and our sincere admiration for you both is obvious to all of our friends, family, and peers… for they have certainly all heard praises of truth from both of our mouths (my wife and I) expounding the glorious works that the Lord has done in and through the both of you throughout your time on Earth thus far. We are most proud to have you as our Pastor, Leader, Shepherd. We thank you for dedicating your whole lives fully to the service and ministry of the Lord, and obeying His commandments throughout this journey called life.

The reason that we are writing this letter to you is ever so hard for us to convey into words and sentences on paper. Forgive our speech, if necessary, as neither one of us (my wife as well as myself) have ever attended college or been privy to higher education or worldly eloquence. We are not anyone of importance to the world. We are quite possibly as close to the incarnation of “Joe the plumber” if there ever was such a man. However, rest assured that we have prayerfully sought the Almighty before and even during the very construction of this letter, and may even He grant us the most acceptable words to appropriately illustrate our plea before you.

Pastor Steve and Becky; the Lord Himself is the Giver of all good things, the Father of spirits, the Master of the universe. Even now, at this very moment, you know with all of your heart that it is He who grants to us each and every breath we take. Truth is revealed to His servants through faith, just as you yourselves have reminded us time and time again that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. It is you yourself who has taught my wife and I with and through faith; ever so diligently on Sundays and Wednesdays… it is you who has been the beloved Voice of Godly knowledge, proclaiming His wisdom from on High, with faithfulness to His word.

The testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy. True. By faith we speak the truth, and walk in truth. Also, girding our waist with truth, we are able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. This letter is accomplished through much faith. In the book of James we are enlightened with the revelation that faith without works is dead. Allow me to demonstrate a passage for you that you (of course) know already very well…and much better than I; nevertheless, here we go :

“What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled”, but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe–and tremble! But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead? Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect? And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” And he was called the friend of God. You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way? For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

Pastor Steve and Becky, behold : In January of 2009, we sent to you through e-mail a prophecy from the Almighty. It was given to my wife Glinda on January 23, 2009. She was not fully aware at the time the reason she was led to send it to you. Also, she consulted me, Miguel, in the final decision as to send or not to send. I felt led that it should be sent, although I did not have a full understanding of why, either. Notwithstanding, she did obey. The prophecy was entitled, “The unicorn of innocence”. A short while after it was sent to you, 7 days to be exact, it was perfected by her hand and by the inspiration of His Holy Spirit, and it was sent out a second time to you and to the staff of Faith community. Again, she (nor I) was not aware the reason that it must be sent. Yet the plot thickened so rapidly, affording us no great amount of time in suspense of His mysteries.

19 days after the prophecy was written, Feb 11, 2009; My wife’s (Glinda) only brother, Aaron Frank Horelica, (21 yrs old) tragically committed suicide by night; executing his own self; the hollow point bullet broke into his right temple and did not ever exit his young skull. He died instantly. Pastor Gene Gloor presided over the funeral (along with Mr. Scott Abraham as his assistant) which was held at South Park Funeral Home in Pearland on Feb 20th, 2009. Glinda, herself, read The unicorn of innocence aloud before the attending family (and Aaron’s fiancé’s family) as a tribute to Aaron’s life and death. There was not one word spoken by her mouth that did not hit each and every one of our nails on their heads; for every person present sat astonished with the revelations that were given utterance. Not a dry eye remained in the house of the mourning that somber Friday afternoon. Not even Pastor Gloor or Mr. Abraham. If one were to have read the prophecy before the fact of Aaron’s passing; and yet again after the knowledge of what laid shortly ahead, (just as our own family had experienced as eye witnesses) yea: it was a sobering encounter that awakens the soul of those even in the deepest of spiritual slumbers.

Only now do we realize that the plot was actually already being formed by Him well before Aaron’s tragic death. You had informed us (within the congregation) on Sunday (Feb 8th 2009) of your upcoming missionary journey to India . On that very Sunday; three days before Glinda’s brother passed; her heart was inexcusably stirred within her to pray for Aaron at prayer time, and she urged her mother with her and they went forward together. The prayer warrior was heavily anointed, although they did not learn his name. Just as my wife opened her eyes to return to her seat with her mother, (Aaron’s mother) she beheld with her eyes open an arc around her and her mother, shining like the sun in brilliance; of two colors–blue and silver, so bright that it was almost pure white. Not having expected this at all, and already with her legs walking forward, she walked right through the arc and felt as if she had walked into a person’s body; perhaps one also praying or approaching for prayer. Behold, there was no one, it was the arc itself. She had been fasting almost daily for over three weeks by that Sunday morning. However, she kept the matter in her heart privately, (as we were in the presence of the congregation at the time) but was quietly astonished to say the very least. We listened as usual to the following sermon and received the amazing message preached by you, yourself. Afterwards, Glinda shared with us (her mother and I) the unusual happenings; and her mother was moved to visit our home after service, as we live only across the street from Faith anyways.

We gathered together in prayer, seeking the Lord diligently. Tongues abounded in our company of three, as we allowed His Spirit to move. Behold, Glinda began to prophesy before us, as we listened and prayed together. She opened her mouth by the Spirit of Him who lives forever, beckoning to Him, “What is the word, Lord? What is the word?” After a few seconds of silence she spoke, weeping; “Aaron will not make it”. Then she wept much. Glinda’s mother and I were confused, to be completely honest with you. We wondered aloud of the words she had spoken, “Will Aaron be left behind in the rapture?” We asked her, “Aaron will not make…what? What do you mean Aaron will not make it?” She did not answer us. Her mother even began to gently guide the prayer session away from the words spoken about Aaron through her daughter. Then her mother received a word from Him. She declared, “Let the weak say I am strong”. It was beautiful to behold at the time. But the words could not make sense to me then.

Three short orbits of the sun later, on Wednesday the 11th of February 2009, Glinda returned from prayer meeting at Faith. She had worn her Israeli tallit that I had just barely given to her the day before (Tuesday the 10th) as an early Valentine’s day gift; as I knew she had been wanting and praying for one for a while. She loves to pray covered, and personally prefers it to praying uncovered. Her tallit was fashioned in Israel strictly in accordance with the commandment of the Lord that He commanded the children of Israel in the book of Numbers. I knew it would be cherished by her. She accepted her gift with rejoicing and much gladness.

It was her first time wearing it to prayer meeting, she was eager for it‘s “debut” so to speak, with expectation in her heart of the Power of Christ Jesus to abound like never before. Boy, was she not disappointed! I was not able to attend on that night because I am the bread winner of our family, and the day’s work did not allow me; although I did long deeply for our mid-week fellowship. Well; scarcely ten minutes after Glinda’s return from church, her stepfather (Charles) called me on my cellular, announcing the tragic news of Aaron’s sudden, shocking, and untimely death, while he (Glinda’s stepfather) was still in shock after finding Aaron’s body on his bed in his room at their home only minutes before calling me. Their home is not more than a mile from ours. Needless to say, it was the most heart breaking thing that I have ever had to tell Glinda, and I pray for the Lord’s mercy that it shall remain thus.

Pastor, again; time would absolutely fail me to detail to you all of the mighty works of the Lord Jesus Christ that we have been so blessed to witness and partake of in and through His Divine Nature, and His power in our lives; as they are endless and each mighty work is even more awesome than the one before. We do not know if what is happening to us and in us is going in the correct direction that He would have it to go, and we are in need of serious guidance. We are in love with the Lord; meanwhile, His power is coming forth like never before. Signs and wonders, things that we ourselves cannot begin to explain. We are both still fairly young, Glinda a little more so than me, but I do not believe anyone would declare that we are quite old enough or wise enough on our own to know what we are doing or where it is that we are going. We have been shaken to the core by a long sequence of events that even now continues to unfold before us. Things that we absolutely cannot ignore! But our hearts true desire is to abide in harmony with Christ’s body, His church and His members in the earth.

If I were to (merely) attempt to correctly identify what the gift of the Spirit that rest-eth upon my wife is, I could (only) guess that it is the discernment of spirits and/or prophecy. Possibly both. Even since I met her 7 years ago she has had the ability from the Almighty to visibly see with her eyes open unclean spirits in the person(s) on whom her eyes are laid. She has also many times in the past correctly identified the most secret thoughts of many people that she has encountered., even (and most often) me being the recipient of the knowledge from His Spirit. She sees many things that are not seen with eyes such as mine; our natural eyes. As of yet we together cannot fully explain or comprehend what it is exactly that is occurring, but I know that she loves the Lord Jesus Christ with every fiber of her being and daily depends on Him for everything. As do I.

I submit this statement only to defer to the fact that she does not operate in any other spirit than the Lord Jesus Christ’s, the risen Son of God, the Almighty’s only begotten Son. For we know that many dark souls in the world all throughout history have operated in a path of unrighteousness related to some form of witchcraft and we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices. Good examples of this kind of wickedness would be such as Simon the magician in the book of Acts or the medium whom Saul consulted in 1st Samuel. Our heart’s total and earnest desire is that His Spirit edifies the entire body of Christ, the church.

Again, I have never been to college and I trust that this assessment would be made best by someone who has humbly and obediently sought the Lord’s confirmation in this matter, possibly after talking with us and getting to know us a little better. Glinda is acquainted with many servants of Faith community church, and she was blessed to make their acquaintances through volunteering off and on in several ministries over the last few years; in-between pregnancies and such. But she is somewhat shy around others to a degree, as well as myself. We have been quiet sheep thus far, but the Lord Himself is shouting with His mighty Voice in our hearts! We have two young children, our elder child is 5 and the younger 3; Glinda is our homemaker.

We are praying for His answers and spiritual direction diligently, Pastor Steve. Nonetheless, we enjoy the fruit of His Spirit in the meantime. Praise Him who lives forever. We are constantly in awe of Him. Even in our sleep. He anointeth our heads with oil, our cup runneth over. The events of the last few weeks have been by far the greatest trial of fire to ever confront our family thus far, while Grace community has been vital in our whole family’s healing from this utterly devastating loss. Our (extended) family has attended Grace along with us for almost as long as we, but they have not become “official” members as of yet.

Glinda and her brother Aaron were very close to each other during their lives together. She is this day only three years older than he was when he went to be with the Lord just a very few days ago. Her grief has come upon her in waves; according to my own observance, and she experiences both days of power and days of weakness. Thank the Lord, she has so far had more days of power rather than weakness. I try my best to be understanding of her through His spirit; for Glinda’s brother is the closest person that I have ever known personally to die.

Pastor Steve and Becky, the Lord is working miracles in our lives each and every day, and we feel heavily the Lord’s calling to share with His mighty power the blessings that He hath given by His Spirit. Not ultimately (or solely) to Grace, but also to the Nations (if and when the Lord opens those doors to us) We will obey Him. We implore you Pastor Steve, we need an earthly counselor, we need someone who has walked the walk; and having done all, still stands. We do not know who we are to trust in this all, besides the Lord Himself of course; and we are hesitant to “pay” for a hired mentor. A hireling does not care about the sheep, but the true shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. He is our ultimate Shepherd. Behold: you are our earthly shepherd. We have both been praying for a Godly mentor, and we have both reached out within the flock of Faith. Glinda is a member of the Grace mass choir and the Grace writing group, while I have always been interested in the prison ministry and “helping hands“ (I am an electrician by occupation) .

We are hungry and thirsty for His righteousness, and in desperate need of some one on one counsel with an elder. Mr. Scott Abraham recently visited our home and ministered to Glinda’s mother, Mitzie. We were very grateful. We have all been having our good days and our worse days, for Aaron was the apple of his mother’s eye, and pricelessly precious in the eyes of his three sisters (Glinda Amanda & Shellie) Even I quietly admired him and was highly attracted to his personhood, even though he was 11 years my junior. We all miss him and loved him like Jonathon loved David; as our very own soul. We who were blessed in this life to know Aaron personally could not resist but to love and admire him, and one felt like a brother, just being his friend. I could and would write all day about that though.

Pastor, If I have been a bit unclear as to our purpose for this letter, well, I did already ask you to forgive my speech. Thank the Lord God , the Lord of hosts, I now choose to believe through faith that you can and will understand what I am attempting to communicate to you. There is a call on my wife Glinda’s life, and on my life. We will obey. We believe that it is in Faith community church in Houston Texas . If you (or one that you have chosen) would seek the Lord’s own face concerning the matter that I have shared with you, it would mean the world to us. We know that the Lord is not the author of confusion, and we firmly believe that if a Pastor, (preferably you or an elder that you trust) would be willing to counsel us in the Lord as the Lord wills, He will do (as He already has in times past and present) mighty things in a people called Faith; through His Holy Spirit and the gifts only He can bestow. For His is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever, Amen!

Pastor Steve and Becky, we remain, as it is this day, in awe of His revelations and His continual Presence in our home, in our hearts, and everywhere else that the Lord leads us day by day, it is He Himself who hath breathed into our hearts to appoint this letter to you. If it is found true that the Lord has indeed freshly stirred your hearts up, I invite you to contact us as the Lord wills, and whenever it is convenient to you. Perhaps; you may find place within your schedule (we know and understand that you are both devout servants of the Most High God). We are nevertheless eager to hear from you whenever it is that we do. You have been our shepherd from the podium for the past few revelatory years, yet unfortunately we have been afraid to approach you with personal needs and such things that are private. But believe me, we have admired you from afar for your unwavering devotion to the spreading of the gospel to the corners of the world. We have heard you speak the truth of the Lord from the pulpit for five years, and we have never once departed the church building from a message that you had preached disappointed, but rather full of Grace and Truth.

We have now found ourselves, through no particular intention or will of our own accord, in the desperate position of needing a guiding hand in the most intimate of ways, the spiritual. Please understand, friends, that even the moment that I submit this letter to you, my wife and I experience touches of fear mingled with fire in our hearts concerning the all that we will share with you; yet regardless of the outcome, it remains true that He is in control of the vast universe, and the desires of our hearts. I earnestly desire you to consider us in your prayers Pastor Steve and Becky, as we are both praying to the same Almighty God who is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. He does not give the Spirit by measure, that is certain, and even if the Lord’s word to you about us is not as we ourselves would have hoped, we love you and Becky with pure and unconditional love.


Sincerely, Your brother and sister in Christ;


Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Angel Bustamante

You are more than welcome to contact us in any of the following ways, as seems good to you.

By telephone:Home # (281) 922- 7655 Miguel cell (281) 683-2292 Glinda cell (281) 594-8660

Through the internet: miguel_bustamante2000@yahoo.com glindagail2000@aol.com

In Person:12323 Amsterdam Drive Houston , Texas 77089

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