The Dope Game

My application for forgiveness

Long denied and thrown away

Still I strived for some redemption

But this game was hard to play

Substitution seemed the answer

Something else to kill the pain

While I searched for something deeper

What I found was quite the same

Yet satisfied with what I tried

The dope worked like a charm

To ease the hurt and make things work

Assuring me no harm

Suddenly….the boat got shaky

As the cost for joy increased

Though I didn’t have the money

The drugs still wait for me

From then on I was willing

All I need is to get high

As I’m planning future binges

Speed preoccupies my mind

I sold my soul for these addictions

I won’t stop until I’m gone

I try hard not to admit it

I had lost and they had won

Face to face with my new master

And the keeper of my soul

My desire overwhelms me

I…………no longer in control

This life’s not worth the living

If my life is not my own

I chose these pills against my will

And now I can’t go home

We watch my body whither

Grow too weak and frail for looks

I don’t care for my appearance

Just one hit is all it took

This world says things are over

There’s no choice but to give up.

This hell was too expensive

And my life was not enough

Glinda Bustamante


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