The Judgement

A girl of 8 was living on earth and was killed. She went down to the unseen realm of Hades to await judgement. For 18 years she was in a prison cell, guarded by 2 fake Jesus’.  One was named “aba”, the other named “ama”. They would take off their fake Jesus masks and torture her, accuse her and condemn her. She lived in misery awaiting a trial.

Though 18 years had passed, she remained 8 years old. At the end of 18 years, Aba and Ama transported her to her trial, which was also located in Hades. The court was seated as The Judge, adorned as a med-evil executioner, (face covered with a fierce black mask) entered the court and was seated.

The prosecutors began making their case against the child. Ama was the primary prosecutor. She said, “This child has been a seductress since the day she was born. She came forth NAKED! And she was shameless. She deserves to be stoned to death!”  The girl was terrified.

Countless accusations were brought against the girl and the jury stood by indignant. The girl had no defender. At the end of the trial the Executioner was handed the verdict, as the girl hung her head in utter shame. She was made lethargic by the words that had been spoken by the prosecutors.

The Executioner then removed His face covering, revealing His true identity; It was Christ Jesus! His face shone like the Sun and a sharp two edged sword went forth from His mouth. The girl was shocked to see the REAL Jesus was nothing at all like the fake Jesus’— Aba and Ama! Yet she assumed no mercy from the Judge. She did not know what the verdict would be.

He began with a scripture, “Every tongue that rises up in judgement against you, you shall condemn”. Aba and Ama rejoiced and snickered at the girl. The Judge then removed Aba and Ama’s fake Jesus masks to reveal dead rotting corpses!

He charged them with the crimes that they were accusing the girl of, and acquitted the child of all sin! The courtroom was shocked, and so was the girl. She was so grateful to the Judge, and peace came into her heart. Aba and Ama were thrown into the lake of fire, and the girl was granted total freedom to live with Jesus forever and ever. Every tear was wiped away, and no pain was ever felt again from the years of prison or the death.

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