Reigning Hope

What a delightful surprise!!! Today I was walking down a familiar path; well rolling actually (I was pushed!) Either I slipped, tripped over a branch on the way, or some other common befallment. My memory- it’s kinda foggy still, it was such a blur everything happened so fast and well, I can’t legally claim that it mattered enough to remember the exact moment I went from walking to rolling or the specific thing that caused my foot to slip and my whole life to drastically change forever. But I digress.

I am here to tell the story of a real life miracle that I personally encountered, I thought you might find it blank blank!!!! -you can fill in the blank with whatever you are looking for in life, that causes you to feel empty, or hungry. Kinda like food hunger but different in a way.

Behold the difference between a puppy and a rock. The difference is one is alive and the other is not. One is a real pet and one is not. Although the truth and the fact of this matter is that someone can hunt for a rock, catch a rock, name a rock, even talk to it, dress it up as a baby, believe it is alive with all their heart, have a pet cemetary seyonce for all the tea in china even, and it is still true that the rock is not alive. It is not your ‘real’ pet, and it is not your friend. It has no soul, or spirit or breath. It is not alive, and never will be. You may follow me to the positive side now, as we will be examining each aspect through the wonderful phenomenon of opposites. I love how it balances everything out….anyhoo….the puppy is getting whiney with us not paying attention to it, it wants some comfort, it is scared, it is hungry, and has just pooped all over the ground instinctively and involuntarily, yet necessarily. Because of course, unlike the rock, the puppy is alive.

There were puppies thousands of years ago, and there could be puppies in thousands of years, it is possible. But the life of that puppy, your puppy, is today and now, not tomorrow or yesterday. You have to take care of your pet or it will die, and then the rock and your pet will be equal, lacking life, and who is to judge weather or not the puppies’ life mattered at all? Should he have ever been born? It seems his life has been selfish, and totally useless to the universe at large and the same with the earth that we, living fleshly creatures, all live in. What was the ultimate difference between the live puppy, who had flesh and bones formed especially for him in his mother’s womb; who lived, breathed, consumed, and wasted his days breathing oxygen and running around after pointless things- and the rock; who was never alive at all, who had no breath, no mother to seed it, no father to fertilize it, and no growth to sprout it? No rock family to be with or make memories with. No souls were touched at all by the rock.

In this experiment, perspective is the magic wand of science, it fixes all of the ethical, moral, and even more questions that come along the way. My perspective is all I know, and all I have.. all I have a right to. When I open my curtains at my home, I look through the window GOD made and see all of the wonder that He created. I usually do not see it glorifying Him in a direct, choice driven method, or see it as a good thing; most of the time. But I believe though. I believe that the Lord created the heavens and the earth. How He did it, none of us can know or do know. I believe each person does sense it, that He is here, that there is a method to the maddness and that He is always in control of everything.I don’t know this by nature, but I perceive that God made everyone because He loved us and wanted to have a family. He made each person with great expectations and high hope, an excellent standard. It may very well be that He put one thing about Himself inside of each one of us- even “bad” people.

Just think, even the ‘bad’ people have bad people in their own lives. They are not bad, they are just trying to make it in a dog-eat-dog world….unashamed that they are bad people to you, unapologetic in their completely clear concience…being unaware of the thoughts you think toward them. They go on. The sun rises, the world turns, the sands of the hourglass fall. Each one having it’s own note to play in the greatest ballad ever composed, the only ballad rather. It is called time, it is called history, it is called life on earth. It is called humanity, called the sons and daughters of YHVH, the most high God. God IS ONE, His name is YHVH.

I know I was brought forth from being something like a rock, to being something like the puppy. I was naught before I was born. I was not here on earth or anywhere really. Just in my Father’s ultimate plan of salvation, as if that is not significant- it is; but I can’t legally say that I was living then. I was not in the human body that I have lived in since I came forth into this place in 1984. Was I anything before I was born? Can’t say for sure but I am so so so glad to be alive now. I would rather be in hell than not to be at all.

Even the worst of the worst days being alive (think to the life of a gnat, or a fly stuck in a spider web) I would still, definately, without a doubt choose life over unconciesness. I would rather be in hell than just not to be….but I reserve some wiggle room in my words, albeit, with my lack of being to hell and all. The real hell that is burning in the center of the earth right now. Well, now that I think about it.. the agony, loneliness, regret and horror of hell, I’m sure it’s worse than anything I could ever imagine. Maybe..just maybe I would scream, “I’d like to take back my choice from that day that I decided that hell was better than nonexistence!” Hopefully I’ll never have to scream that though, by the grace and mercy of Yeshua.

If only there were rewind buttons on your real life. Would you, could you? Rewind back to before you were, and just never hit the play button. Just left your chances with “probably going to hell, so I’m not gonna take that risk, no-sir buddy.” Back to my walking story now, all I know is that it happened suddenly and then it was like; well.. I myself was like the Great and Mighty Titanic sinking.

I remember that day. It was a day I lived over and over and over again inside my mind, my brain continually working out the details of what could have led to such a colossal devastation. What could have been done to save the passengers aboard who, ignorant of tragedies of such magnitude, were like mere gnats drawn by a friendly, familiar wind blowing gently. Gently, no-harm-no-foul wind. You know, the kind that gets you by but doesn’t rip your roof off like a helicopter might. Leading me on, on and on, coasting safely, right straight for a huuuuge bloodthirsty gnat-loving spider’s web.

In that bitter moment it is like a shock goes over you…you are unable to locate the source of the doom, nor override it’s control over you. So you succumb to nature; and twist and turn and kick and scream and use up all of your measely human energy that you had left for any hope of survival. Then the giant spider king appears, as a man gloats over a kill he brings home to the hungry family. It’s glory time for the gigantic spider. He made a web out of his own pride, his own self. He built it with his own blood, sweat, and tears; and the hard work has obviously paid off.

He is a successful blood sucker, today anyways; as you were stupid enough to trust the wind to blow you where you were supposed to be. “You should have known better” is what nature spells out in baby language for you, so your imbecile self can read it and know it; know it to the core. The guilt and regret are intolerable!

How could that gnat have avoided his death, his pea-sized brain replays instantly and continually. All of the last seconds before it’s death will be utter hell. What could be worse than knowing you are about to be eaten by a superior being? You are caught in his web where struggling is futile and can even dig you deeper into being “stuck”. You have been foresaken.Then falls the dignity card, always the last to go; forfeited from your hand by default. You can’t even give up your pride with self respect you gnat, you gnat you. You must watch him swagger like a king over to you in his own sweet time, when he gets the fire ready to cook a meal well deserved.. after all, his body created a web that you yourself are stuck to and man is it huuuge!

It is larger than anyone could see, in fact, it was practically invisible to the naked eye. Yet there it was, nonethless, still just as cruel, still just as dangerous, ever present, lurking even; but invisible.

And what about that evil wind , blowing all softly like everything was hunky-dory. What a Benedict Arnold that wind has been to you. A betrayer of your trust, a liar, and an accessory to murder in the first degree. Nature strikes again. The stickiness of the web you could only speculate about before it mattered that you knew how powerful it was, it did not seem important in earlier times, unnecessary knowledge, superfluous even. Who the hell cares how sticky a spider’s web is? Besides freaks and outcasts, weirdos of society. I suppose the wounded would also care, it must be easier for a spider to catch a fly with a broken antennae, he was flying all crazy and had no depth perception.

History now, never to attempt to fly whole again. They won’t be needing no fly wings where he’s going, someone pondered nervously from a spiders web. No wonder he’s so fat and sassy, he has eaten the fruit of his labors. His brain is smarter than yours, did you think of that even? The shame of my failure is overwhelming.

Who remembers whose turn it was to play in the canasta game before the ship struck the iceberg, and was it relevant in any way at all in relation to the ensuing perilous deconstruction of the sheer cream of the crop, the zenith, of human craftmanship to ever set sail? The correct answer is false. Negative, nein, neit and NO. So as the big bang theory brazenly claims an unknown explosion caused by unknown and ultimately ‘un-know-able’ means (i.e. not possible for man to know, also a limitation of being human or ‘terrestrial’; by human nature our comprehension is finite, of course the opposite is always true meaning the supernatural’s comprehension is infinite) created the entire universe, myriads of vastness, the entire host of stars, who can number them even? Galaxies unexplored, time, space and everything on Earth timed precisely so. As a master chef perfectly seasons his dishes, so is all the earth abundantly growing and flourishing.

A little girl, at any given point in time, is pretending to have her own baby and house. A little boy is pretending to build airplanes. A woman is always longing to be worthy. A man is ever pining for the company that only a family of his very own can provide, with his name on it. Not sure where they came from; not certain where they are going.

And then I rolled along down the lane super hard and fast, hitting all the bumps, brush scraping the crap outta my overexposed skin, (think road rash all over), hitting rocks and small to moderate cliffs. I just pummeled down the mountain. The path turned into a mountain trail that was naturally very pokey and abrasive to human skin and pride. I can’t decide which one hurt worse or if there was equality within the pain balance. You would think I would remember since it was only this morning that this freak occurence well, occured; but I had walked that same path a hundred thousand mornings before; every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE MY ORIGINAL BIRTHDAY. So I wasn’t expecting it.

Must have been a good four minutes (WITH mississippis mind you; not those weaker babyfood ‘imitation’ seconds that speed on by like, ‘mere’ seconds- ‘mere’ seconds being the least amount of seconds possible to still qualify as a measurement of time) before I was on the brink of death and had the idea and complete expectation that I would soon be dead. It was a purely natural conclusion to a purely natural event. Death is completely natural. When you think about it-death can only happen to natural things, it has no dominion or authority over supernatural beings. Supremecy is not even (can you believe it?) allowed to ever die by the very principle which encompasses it’s existence-nature itself. Mind boggling!

So anyhoo, my wind had been knocked out, unexpectedly of course- my bones crushed and pounded against the stony surfaces not meant for crunching through human bones like twigs. (but they do anyhow when appropriate) I officially gave up trying to stop my body from freefalling down this unfamiliar, unforgiving, relentless beast of Earth that obviously was more man than I was. I sheepishly cried “Üncle”, surrendered what strength I had left in me to this tyrannasaurus rex of a mountainside that would surely be my undoing.

I was as grass to a mower, bugs to a zapper, good as dead to anyone with a human brain or a smartphone. Then I was just plain lazy the last few miles I must admit, while spewing down a deserted path, lost and empty-handed, my body and life dehydrated. Minutes before I expired completely, a sudden rush of thick clouds came over my whole horizon, out of the blue. Instead of hurling large blocks of heavy ice, dust, and other heavy burdening and/or irritating material such as lice nests and whole frog families, as I expected from such an evil day, a peaceful hope-like substance showered down all around me and I became new. Behold, He maketh all things new, and that included me. Thank you Lord!!!! The End.

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